Road Bikes

Endeavour Cycles is THE shop of choice if you are in the market for a road bike. We stock flat bar road bikes, entry level road bikes with great package deals for first time road riders, right through to pro level carbon fibre race bikes.

We stock only the best road bike brands so we can guarantee the performance of handling of every road bike that we sell. With road bike technology going ahead in leaps and bounds, you can rely on Endeavour Cycles to give you the right advice for your personal style of riding.

We stock a range of road bikes from: SPECIALIZED, PINARELLO, CERVELO, FOCUS If we haven't got the model you are after in store we can usually have it on the floor in 2-3 days!

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Some points to think about when buying a road bike:

  • The most important decision is the frame. The research and engineering in a road frame is what gives the bike it's performance and handling characteristics. Next time you compare two different frames, think about if you've ever seen riders descending at 100km/hr + down mountain passes in the tour de france on this type of bike. A bike with good geometry, that is properly sized and balanced will inspire confidence much more so than if your bike has a slightly higher or lower component group.
  • Frame size and being fitted correctly to your bike is critical to enjoyable road cycling. A bad road bike set up can not only make your bike unsafe and unbalanced, but can lead to injuries very quickly. With over 5000 pedal revolutions in just a one hour ride, bad positioning can very quickly lead to muscle imbalances and injury.
  • Not all road bikes suit all riders. There are various styles of road racing bicycles for different types of riders and different types of road riding. Not all of us have the flexibility of a full time racing cyclist!
  • Ask around about the mechanical and bike fitting reputation of different bike shops. Many shops will happily send you out the door on the next floor model they are hoping to sell. You can trust Endeavour Cycles to put you on the right size bike and provide HONEST advice.
  • What is the standard of mechanical work that the shop offers? All Endeavour bike mechanics are experienced and professional and all have worked for Shimano technical support at major cycling and triathlon events such as the World Road Cycling Championships, Tour Down Under and IRONMAN events at Port Macquarie and Busselton.